Wiltek are a true multi-trade company servicing all areas of Auckland.

We offer Industrial and Commercial Property and Facilities Maintenance and Residential Property Maintenance 24 hours, 7 days a week, and provide all property and building maintenance services:

Asset Management, Evaluation, Appraisal, Consultancy, Replacement, Refurbishment, Renovation, Upgrading & Modernisation, Preventative Maintenance, Response Maintenance of private and public facilities, Facility Upgrades, as well as General Maintenance and Repair, after damage caused by careless or inappropriate usage, storms, floods and poor construction.

We are experienced in the building maintenance and upkeep of:

Corporate Buildings, Carpark Buildings, Offices, Community Buildings, Factories & Workshops, Housing, Swimming Pools, Stadiums, Recreational Centres, Halls, Commercial Rental Property, Shops, Shopping Centres, Libraries, Utility Services, Heritage Buildings, Homes for the Elderly, Private Homes, Rental Accommodation, Tenanted Properties.

Our Commitment:

SERVICE When it's needed
QUALITY Work done by fully qualified and experienced trades-staff
PRICE Value for money through cost-effective methods and value-added services

We take care of all kinds of property maintenance for property managers and homeowners. And there’s just one number for all trades, so you can arrange ongoing maintenance or individual repairs through the same trusted company.




We are a multi-trade response maintenance service company, extremely experienced in the maintenance and refurbishment of industrial and commercial buildings, property and facilities. Our business exists to support your business, so we are committed to providing accurate, timely and efficient property maintenance services, using quality methods and equipment from leading manufacturers.

Project Management
Project Management

Wiltek has qualified, experienced project managers providing high-level services for larger projects and works.

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A large portion of our works are Electrical / Mechanical fitting and maintenance, including everything from complete large-scale lighting design and installation, to electrical checks and trouble-shooting.

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Carpentry & Building
Residential Carpentry & Building

Interior and exterior carpentry, building and painting for residential and residential properties. Conscientious, professional and friendly staff, no matter the size of the job.

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Handyman repair jobs and ongoing maintenance

Fiddly repair jobs and ongoing maintenance – Wiltek has reliable, qualified trades-staff on call 24 hours, seven days a week, all of whom will complete work to a high standard.

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Plumbing & Drainage
Plumbing & Drainage installation, repair and maintenance

Call us for everything to do with the installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing and drainage systems, no matter the size, or where you are in Auckland.

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